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Kuldip Sra, Ph.D. Joins Pharmefex

Apr 20, 2023

Dr. Ali Siahpush today announced that Kuldip Sra, Ph.D. has joined the already distinguished list of Consultants at Pharmefex (

Kuldip brings over 30 years of experience working on vaccines, cell and gene therapy, Crispr gene editing, monoclonal antibodies and viral vectors.  Kuldip has been a key contributor to commercialization of 5 approved products and worked on 15 INDs/IMPDs.  With the addition of Kuldip, Pharmefex continues to build on our already deep bench of experts to support our worldwide clients.  Together with our partners at Dahlia Consulting, Jeff Yuen and Associates, and Cascadia Drug Development Group, we strive to provide exceptional support across all of your development and commercialization needs for antibodies and ADCs, cell and gene therapy, biosimilars, and vaccines.

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