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Program Management


Pharmrefex offers comprehensive and dynamic project planning and management services to keep your development and commercialization programs on time and within budget. Our team can help you integrate all of your product development requirements into comprehensive playbooks that provide a seamless road map for efficient management of your product development programs from the initial identification of a new product candidate through clinical trials and commercialization.  

What We Can Do For You

Whether you need our assistance to guide your staff in design, development and execution, or you need us to oversee and direct activities at CMOs and CROs,  we can help you in:

  • Develop target product profiles that incorporate the desired quality and performance aspects of your product

  • Prepare and manage product development plans and timelines that clearly show all required activities and key milestones along with their inter-dependencies

  • Manage both external and internal development programs for process development, analytical methods development, manufacturing and QC testing and release

  • Perform risk analyses to evaluate multiple scenarios for development or manufacturing and assessing overall product supply chains

  • Implement the best development and manufacturing solutions for accelerating development timelines and product commercialization while controlling risk

  • Select and manage outside service providers and integrate your outsourced program with in-house activities

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