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To further our mission of providing the highest quality of service to our clients, we have created collaborations with several other companies who uphold the same standards of excellence and ethics and are able to supplement our expertise, capacity and service offerings.  Through these collaborative agreements we are able to provide superior service to our clients worldwide.  We proudly display our partners below:

The Cascadia Drug Development Group (CDDG; is a Pacific Northwest-based consulting and drug development group that offers a wide range of expertise within an integrated framework. CDDG was founded by seasoned industry experts who are passionate about drug discovery and whose mission is to elaborate a new virtual model for therapeutic development.  


CDDG can provide strategic oversight of drug development, from discovery to early clinical development. The founders have a strong scientific background in immunology and support a number of therapeutic areas, including inflammatory and autoimmune disease, infectious disease, metabolic disease and oncology. Through their network of vetted affiliates, they offer subject matter expertise in such areas as toxicology, PKDM, biomarkers, regulatory and patent law and early clinical operations. CDDG utilizes a flexible and virtual structure, which allows them to adapt to client needs and reduce overall costs.  Their operating model is well-suited to highly interactive and efficient de-risking of projects and maximizing the value of client programs.

PBS Biotech are the leading providers of the next generation of single use bioreactors for the biopharmaceutical industry using a revolutionary vertical wheel design ideally suited for use with shear sensitive cells, cell aggregates and microcarrier based cultures.  

Jeff Yuen & Associates, Inc. (JYA) is a well-respected international consulting firm comprised of former regulators and industry experts. JYA provide GMP audit and training, regulatory services, facility reviews, mock inspections and other services to clients worldwide. Further information can be found at

The names and Logos displayed are Trademarks of the respective companies.

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