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Pharmefex and Jeff Yuen and Associates announce creation of Partnership

Jul 11, 2018

Pharmefex ( and Jeff Yuen and Associates ( are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership. Jeff Yuen & Associates, Inc. (JYA) is a wellrespected domestic and international consulting firm comprised of former regulators and industry experts. JYA provide GMP audit and training, regulatory services, facility reviews, mock inspections and other services to clients worldwide.

Pharmefex provides technical, CMC, and strategic support to streamline process development, accelerate time to market, reduce cost of goods, manage technology transfers, prepare CMC submissions, and prevent and resolve manufacturing and compliance problems for recombinant proteins, and cellular immunotherapy products.

This partnership is based on shared values and standards of quality and expands the scope of outstanding service JYA and Pharmefex can provide their clients.

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